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Express Your True Self and Get a Tattoo (Walk-ins are Welcome)

Transform yourself with tattoos from our staff in Rocklin, California. Leviathan Tattoo is proud to offer a wide variety of tattoo services. Furthermore, our artists offer custom graphic design services and T-shirts. Contact us at (916) 342-1272 to learn more about our tattoo shop.

Tattoos and More
If you want a custom tattoo the staff at Leviathan Tattoo is here for you. We create amazing tattoos in any style using single-use needles. Our new disposable needles are used only on your skin. We also offer private rooms and entertainment to make you feel more comfortable during the session. In addition to our tattoos, we also sell body jewelry, make custom clothing, paintings, and provide graphic design services.
About Leviathan Tattoo
After working together at another tattoo shop, owners Eddie and Jonathan decided to start Leviathan Tattoo to offer their services to the community. We feature a artists that has more than 20 years of tattoo and piercing experience.  Jesse Allison and Scotty Bender are our newest additions to our shop.  Our business is known for our comfortable environment, personalized services, and exceptional designs.

***At the moment we are not providing piercing services***

New Tattoo - Tattoo Services in Rocklin, CA

Call us in Rocklin, California, at (866) 878-7048 to receive a consultation for our tattoo services.